Calm for Couples

How to bicker and resent less. And how to increase peace, calm, joy, and harmony with your romantic partner.

Calm Morning Ritual - Jenna Hermans Chaos to Calm blog

Wake Up, Coffee, Calm

Your daily morning ritual to start your day grounded and calm in less than 5 minutes.

Self Care Brilliant Basics - Chaos to Calm blog - Jenna Hermans

The Brilliant Basics of Self-Care

When at your wit’s end, and to prevent stress, it’s time to get back to these five non-negotiable self-care basics.

Jenna Hermans blog Calm Up

Calm the F*$# Up!

Calm doesn’t mean losing your energy, being stoic or unemotional; it means gaining energy and positive energy. Let’s calm up, not calm down.

No step in my family Jenna Hermans Blog

There’s no “step” in my family

I don’t have “stepkids,” my kids are just my kids. How I went from “Jenna” to “Mama Jenna” to “Mama” and why I wear the role of “mom” proudly.

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