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Calm Is: Asking for Help

Asking for help and allowing others to give is a beautiful part of the human experience.

Last week, our dishwasher decided to spontaneously combust. After several consultations with a plumber, it became clear that replacing it was the best course of action. Oh, the joys of homeownership! And oh, how hard it is, asking for help!

The delivery and installation were scheduled for a Saturday, a day already brimming with activity. My husband was in Kuwait working with a client, my eldest daughter had her prom that night, and I was involved in the getting-ready process with her and her friends.

The delivery company provided one of those infamous four-hour windows. What parent can be available for a solid four hours? As a mother of four, my schedule within any four hours is always as unpredictable as it is packed.

When I couldn’t be in two places at once

As fate would have it, of course, they arrived right in the middle of the time window—just as I was curling my daughter’s hair…at her friend’s house. Let me tell you, after a week with no dishwasher for a family of six, there was no way I could skip this fix (not to mention the charges I’d be fined for the missed attempt). But there was also no way I could make it home in time.

Luckily, before I left my house earlier to head to the pre-prom prep party, I had chatted with my new neighbor, Yaz. In a moment of desperation (and thinking ahead), I asked if he could let the installation guys in if I wasn’t home. Without hesitation, he agreed. So when the stressful conflict came, I reached out to him. And true to his word, he let them in and stayed with them the entire time.

Yaz, who has four adult children and two grandchildren, understood the importance of such moments. He insisted that I stay with my daughter, allowing me to cherish these fleeting moments of her childhood and high school experience. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for his kindness and generosity, especially with my husband being out of the country and my other children spread out in various directions.

The next day, I saw Yaz in his yard. I thanked him profusely, and his response left me deeply moved. He said, “I’m so glad we have neighbors like you. You ask for help when you need it, and it’s so important that we can help each other out. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help my new neighbor.”

Asking for help = a win-win

Asking for help and allowing others to give is a beautiful part of the human experience. Yaz’s willingness to help reaffirmed the importance of community and the innate human desire to be of service.

This experience was a beautiful reminder that calm is not just about managing our own lives as efficiently as possible, but also about fostering connections and allowing others to contribute.

Give your neighbors, friends, and family the chance to support you. They want to help, but they need to know what you need. Embrace the opportunities to ask for help and create a community of mutual support.

And hallelujah, our new dishwasher is up and running! Thank you, Yaz!

Calm Is: Asking for help (and giving others the chance to be of service.)

Reach out, I’m here for you.

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