Chaos To Calm

A Busy Mom’s Guide To Owning Your Calm

Chaos To Calm

A Busy Mom’s Guide To Owning Your Calm

Jenna Hermans

Certified high performance coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, wife, mama, and Co-Founder of Be Courageous

Jenna Z Hermans - portrait outdoors
Jenna Hermans

I’m so glad you’re here!

Jenna Hermans

“The Queen of Calm”

You’re here because you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and burned-out, burning the candle at both ends. 

I’m here to help, because I’ve been there, too. As a working mom of four, through a ton of research and trial and error, armed with a master’s degree in organizational management, a bachelor's degree in psychology and over 15 years experience running human resources (and a preschool!), I’ve figured out a way to own my calm as a parent, have a prosperous career, be a loving partner, and have time for my own needs that fill my soul.

I can help you learn how to OWN YOUR CALM by setting up your household efficiently and managing your energy so you can find time for what you love to do again. 

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It is possible to thrive in the chaos and overwhelm of busy life!

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How Can I Help?

Through one-on-one coaching, I’ll get to know what aspects in your life need Chaos to Calm methods applied and help you achieve a more balanced life, one achievable step at a time. You’ll evolve your life from panicked, reactive survival mode to a calm, purposeful, and proactive one. 

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“Every day is an opportunity to see your life in a new way.”

- Jenna Hermans