Own Your Calm

8-Week Virtual Program

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Own Your Calm

8-Week Virtual Program

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Get ready to OWN your Calm! Learn skills and methodologies, both tangible and mindful, to help not only CREATE more calm in your life, but also to OWN and MAINTAIN it.

Within a small, welcoming group online, you’ll be guided each week on a different topic of the Chaos to Calm Method.

Each topic builds upon the other, and with a few exceptional guest speakers along the way, you’ll finish the course feeling more peace and calm than ever before – along with the confidence you can keep that peace!

Program Times & Dates

Fall '23 Opening soon!

10.00 – 11.30 AM (PDT)


Winter '23-24

The next Own Your Calm Program will be in October and announced in September.

10.00 – 11.30 AM (PDT)


What You Get

Weekly Sessions

Over a total of 8 weekly group-coaching sessions, you’ll learn and master all my Chaos to Calm methodologies.

In each session I’ll teach a concept, we’ll personalize and practice the concept by applying it to your life, and there will be the opportunity to ask questions. We’ll discuss your current progress (if you choose to share, totally optional), and review the upcoming focus (aka “practice”) for the week. See “Program Outline” below for a more detailed view of the weekly curriculum and topics.

On Demand Coaching: I’m Here for You!

To ensure you have all your questions answered, stay on track, and build these new healthy habits and learnings long-term, you will have unlimited access to me throughout your program. You can reach out to talk about your progress or any other desires or challenges you may have on your journey toward calm. You’ll also receive occasional “Notes from Jenna” that will reiterate  the weekly topic and keep you inspired as you learn to maintain your new habits and learnings long-term.

Accountability: Keeping You On Track

To increase your odds of success, I will pair you up with an accountability partner in the group who you’ll connect with to ensure you’re getting the support you need to implement and practice your weekly learnings.

Accountability is a necessary element of reaching any goal (think about how much easier it is to stick to exercise when you work out with a partner!) Our group will be a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental, open-hearted environment, and having a partner rooting you on and sharing their journey with you will ensure you have all the resources and knowledge you need for long-term success.

Long-term Results

You’ll finish the program with all the knowledge and tools you’ll need to feel fantastic and in control of your life, beyond the course!

You’ll have learned how to create and maintain positive habits and also understand how they can reduce stress on your mind and body. You’ll also have the tools needed to effectively communicate with others to help create and maintain positive relationships with anyone. And, you’ll understand what and who you need around you to sustain the life you desire and deserve – long term.

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This program is for you if….

You feel like you’re running around doing things for everyone else and not doing anything for you.
You're feeling overwhelmed with no end in sight.
You’ve lost touch with your spirit and the things that bring you joy.
You look in the mirror and feel disconnected from the person looking back at you.
You're constantly reacting to life and feel like you don’t have control.
You’re reacting to emotional and mental stress in a negative, destructive way.
You have a hectic personal, work or travel schedule.
You want to be more in control of your health and relationships.
You feel like those closest to you don't understand where you are coming from.
You see the benefit of having a coach in your corner to provide ongoing motivation, education, and accountability to get – and keep – you on track.
You want to make changes in your life but just haven’t had the ability to get started or know where to begin.
You have read tons of books on how to make changes, with no success.
You have been too overwhelmed to get started making positive changes in your life.

Program Outline

Before Session 1

Fill Out Your Current Mindset & Habits Form – “Why You’re Here”.

Session 1: Introduction + Overview

Learn about the Chaos to Calm Method, and how you’ll guarantee success with your Accountability Partner.

Session 2: Habits

How to create healthier habits and trash ones that don’t serve you.

Session 3: Efficiency

How to streamline your life so you’re not running around in a freaking panic all the time.

Session 4: Mindful Transitions + Guest Speaker

How to get in the right mindset for any task ahead of you.

Session 5: Communication

Decreasing stress by learning what to say and how to listen.

Session 6: Community

How to create and nurture your village, even if you don’t have one built in.

Session 7: Active Recovery + Guest Speaker

Learn how to rest your mind – it is as important as resting your body.

Session 8: Self Care + Reflection + Finale

How to fit in taking care of you (it’s time!).

What You'll Need

A device you can get online with. (Notebook, Tablet, etc...)

Pen and Paper

An open heart and mind

Program Times & Dates

New Year '22

10.00 – 11.30 AM (PDT)

Jan – 6, 13, 20, 27
Feb – 3, 10, 17, 24

Spring '22

10.00 – 11.30 AM (PDT)

May – 5, 12, 19, 26
Jun – 2, 9, 16, 23