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The Queen of Calm

Jenna Hermans

Jenna is living proof that you can create a life of calm within chaos and overwhelm.

Co-founder and COO of Be Courageous a transformation agency, a busy mom of 4, a high-performance coach, and the author of the Benjamin Franklin Award Winning book, Chaos to Calm: 5 Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free From Overwhelm.

Jenna takes an intentional and inclusive approach to help individuals and teams implement tools that put organization and systems around their busy lives that infuse calm and more joy, helping them go from Chaos to Calm.

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I’m here to share with you the tools and systems that will help you create and maintain your calm within the chaos that comes with having a family (and everything else). It’s not about “having it all” – it’s about finding joy in the life you’ve created. 

I can show you how to build a system for your life so that you can build pleasure back into your world. And you don’t need to suffer or lose sleep to get what you want. F that. 

As a Certified High Performance Coach I will help you own your calm, and to find the energy you lost somewhere along the way to be and do what you love again! 

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