Chaos to Calm

Five Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free from Overwhelm

Ready for more calm in your life?

Chaos to Calm will help you streamline the endless tasks you face every day which steal your time and energy from what really matters to you.

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About me

Jenna Z Hermans Chaos to Calm Blog Efficient Calendar

As a business owner, COO, and mother of four (with a traveling CEO husband) I’ve developed ways that calm can be achieved and maintained.

My mission is to help overwhelmed parents take back control of their busy lives to create space for what really matters

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“If you’re a new parent or soon-to-be one, that’s nervous about what’s to come, this book is for you...”

“This book acts as the ultimate self-love guide for busy parents with practical plans that prove everything can get done without losing your cool.”

How to Build a Parenting ‘Village’ When You Feel Isolated


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How you'll own your calm

Each chapter includes applications to your unique life and real-life examples, and are targeted at Efficiency, Habits, Communication, Community, and Self-Care.

Included are how-tos and simple, small tasks anyone can take to help you get everything you need done, without losing your cool.

Buzz about Chaos to Calm

Shira Gill

Best-selling author of Minimalista and Organized Living
"Chaos to Calm is an indispensable guide full of practical, actionable tips to help you live a more efficient, productive, and joyful life."

Jaime McFaden

Best-Selling Author, "Waves of Self-Care: It Takes a Village."
"Chaos to Calm is a book you will want to keep close by, with simple yet profound tools for busy parents."

Peggy Klaus

Fortune 500 coach and best-selling author of "Brag!" and "The Hard Truth About Soft Skills."
“Insightful, practical, humorous and relatable, Jenna Hermans has written a must read for anyone who wants to have more calm and happiness in their life.”

Alison Mountford

Founder/Chef Zero Food Waste Educator at Ends+Stems
"Chaos to Calm instantly feels like a book I will revisit a few times each year. Jenna’s voice registers like my best friend in my ear; it’s supportive, funny, and...calm! Some solutions within are new-to-me and insightful, while others provide step-by-step guidance to spruce up habits that don’t serve me."

Jennifer Couture

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist supporting children under the age of 12 and their families
“Praise for Chaos to Calm! This strategic manual of navigating busy households should be on every parents' book shelf and filled with post-its and hand-written notes on every "Your Turn" page. In fact, I'm hoping for (and looking forward to!) the workbook companion! Here's to Jenna....a calm warrior.....helping free all of us from chaos!”

Peek inside the book!

“Life will always be chaotic, but you can own your calm within the chaos.”