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Calm Is: Accountability

Creating an accountability plan to aid in meeting your commitments to yourself increases your calm.

After launching my book last year (currently with over 30 5-star reviews on Amazon, yay!), my continued intention is to help as many people as possible achieve more calm in their daily lives.

My accountability plan

To explore how else I can achieve this, I joined a business founder group led by two business coaches. They’re providing me with tons of knowledge, and even more importantly, they’re holding me accountable for building the services and products to help people access their calm. 

Setting a goal is fruitless if you don’t have an accountability plan for following through. It’s not enough to just say your goal to yourself.

An example accountability plan for a goal of reading more books could look like this:

  1. Tell your partner/colleague/friend to ask about what you’re reading, or join a book club.
  2. Pick a book. MIght I suggest, Chaos to Calm?
  3. Get the book.
  4. Plan when and where you’ll read your book, i.e., put your book on your bed so you’ll read (even just two pages) before sleeping.

    You can avoid the “I let myself down” guilt by setting up an accountability infrastructure to succeed.

    Following through on your commitments provides enormous calm. It not only means you can trust yourself, but that others can trust you too. And when others trust you, they’re more relaxed towards you, which makes you feel even more calm. And on and on.

    The combination of committing to a goal and setting up accountability to fulfill it will build your confidence, and calm. Bonus: Your accountability plan will often reveal what you actually can and cannot commit to! You can do this!

    CALM IS: Following through on your commitments to yourself.


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