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Calm Is: Knowing You Can Do Hard Things

This past year many have asked, "With four kids, how did you write a book?!" I did it by doing one hard thing after another. And so can you.

A year ago today, Chaos to Calm was born, and I became a published author 🎉!

With four kids, a traveling husband, and a business, many people asked, “How did you do this?! Writing and publishing a book is really hard!” 

Here’s the thing: We can do hard things – any large, audacious goal can be accomplished with intentionality, the right structure in place to support it, and commitment to follow through.

The way I was able to write my book amidst my busy schedule was by breaking it down into small steps, doing one step at a time, and doing it on my terms. 

I built a process that worked for me. Many of the concepts in the book were initially captured on voice notes. Sometimes on the way to school pick-ups, sometimes waiting during sports practices, and one time, even, at a bar!

Chaos to Calm Jenna Hermans blog doing hard things

I kept doing the hard thing of fitting in and protecting time to write, combined with fierce prioritization and doing it even when I didn’t want to. Funny enough, I used all the concepts I wrote about in the book, to help me write the book. I maximized Efficiency, created supportive Habits, leaned on my Community, practiced clear Communication, and ensured my Self-Care.

I’ve been blessed to have met and helped so many overwhelmed parents this past year. It’s been infinitely fulfilling to have poured my heart and soul into this work and hear how it’s resonated, with feedback like, “A must-read!”, “What every parent needs in their life right now,” and “Should be on every mom’s nightstand.”

Chaos to Calm first year highlights:

  • 2023 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award 🏅WinnerChaos to calm blog Jenna Hermans year 1 book
  • 2023 PubWest Design Award
  • 2023 Foreword Indies Finalist (results go live in June)
30 media placements
From Forbes to Elle (Plus, a live broadcast on The Morning Show in Australia!).
38 podcast interviews
Including: Parenting the Adlerian WayCall Me CEO, and Chick Chat, to name a few, with more coming soon.
Over 20 talks, events, and workshops
Including: Corporate talks, Conferences, Parent Education events, and Women’s and Mom Retreats, with topics like Calm Communication for Relationship Success, 3 Steps to a Calmer Home, Calm in the 4th Trimester, and Self-Care for Caregivers.
I can’t wait to see where Chaos to Calm goes next. (I have big plans, including Chaos to Calm cards).

If you have a dream that you want to make a reality, you absolutely can; and you can (and should) do it in a way that works for you.

Calm Is: Knowing you can do hard things.



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