Racial Injustice Information and Resources

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In an effort to enact change, confront racism, and support the Black community, here is a Guide to Solidarity, a collaborative list of resources aimed to educate people on how to create safer, stronger, and more inclusive spaces for Black people, minorities, and people of color. All ideas are welcome – please comment with any resource that you believe should be added to this list. 

Reading Material



Books for children

Books for teens

Other Media




TV shows

Social media accounts

Podcasts, shows, & movies for children

Data Sets

Online Courses (by Black women – synopses here)

Organizations to support and join


Protestor bail funds

Charitable Organizations


  • Boukman Academy: A Black-owned school offering free lessons and educational resources for Black history, politics, psychology, and sociology. 

Resources for Parents

Talk to your kids about racism

Teach your children to be an ally

  • Teaching Tolerance offers discussion starters and lessons for teachers that parents can turn into ways to talk to their children about allyship. 

Mental Health Resources

National Hotlines


Directories and Guides