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November 21 2023

Imperfection in Progress

Host: Dawn Calvinisti

Chaos to Calm with Jenna Hermans

Duration: 30 minutes

November 17, 2023

Fresh Perspectives

Host: Peter Callahan
Chaos to Calm with Micro Investments

Duration: 1 hour 24 minutes

November 7, 2023

The Balanced Parent

Host: Laura Froyen, PhD
Sitting with discomfort with Jenna Hermans.

Duration: 39 minutes

October 16 2023

Honest As A Mother

Host: Amanda Gurman

How can we learn to calm our chaos?

Control – Why do so many moms struggle with control and how can we learn to let it go.

Our Basic needs – What are they and how do they add to the chaos when they are not tended to,

Duration: 59 minutes

October 3, 2023

Chick Chat

Host: Nina Spears
In this episode, we chat with Jenna about creating more time, less stress, and understanding how we, as parents, can spend more hours appreciating our families and living our lives with intention and joy.

Duration: 43 minutes

October 3 2023

The Motivated Mompreneur

Host: Amy Traugh

Is your life spinning in chaos and leaving you feeling overwhelmed? If you said yes, then this episode is an absolute must-listen! Join me as I sit down with Jenna Hermans, a mother of four and the author of the book “Chaos to Calm.” Together, we explore actionable strategies that you can start applying right away! Say goodbye to chaos and welcome the calm you’ve been yearning for.

Duration: 28 minutes

October 2, 2023

Entering Motherhood

Host: Sarah Marie Bilger
In this episode Jenna encourages identifying the most significant stressors and implementing gradual changes to address them. Jenna’s wisdom extends to the art of setting priorities in a world where everything can feel urgent. She advises taking a step back from overwhelming moments, focusing on personal essentials, and striving to be one’s best self, ultimately essential for managing life’s chaos.

Duration: 39 minutes

September 19, 2023

The Reader's Couch

Host: Victoria Wood
Jenna introduces us to the five pillars of calm: efficiency, habits, community, communication, and self-care. She illuminates how simple lifestyle changes can transform our lives, using anecdotes from her own journey. 

Duration: 33 minutes

September 7, 2023

Quotable: A Female Entrepreneur Podcast

Host: Alessandra Pollina
Do you long for a sense of calm and balance in your busy life as a parent and business owner? Our guest, Jenna Hermans, will be sharing effective strategies that you can implement to create a more peaceful and grounded experience, even with the demands of your daily lives.

Duration: 50 minutes

September 4, 2023

Power Your Parenting: Moms With Teens

Host: Colleen O'Grady LPC, LMFT
In this episode, we dive into how moms can be more energy-efficient, time-efficient, and task-efficient. We explore healthy habits that bring you calm and how to trash the ones that don’t serve you. You will love all the practical tips that you can apply right away.

Duration: 51 minutes

September 1, 2023

Sass Says

Host: Christie Rocha
We discuss how calmness is subjective and define it as a state of the nervous system where one feels good and in flow. We also discuss the importance of meal planning and habit creation in creating a calmer and more balanced life. We conclude by reminding listeners to be present and prioritize what truly matters.

Duration: 60 minutes

August 24, 2023

Motherhood Intended

Host: Jacqueline Baird
Take a listen for the perfect tips and tricks to help you find balance in parenthood and take your life from chaos to calm.

Duration: 44 minutes

August 18, 2023

Evolved Education

Host: Mary Miele
Join Mary Miele and Jenna Hermans to learn how to create more calm in your life. This podcast is a wonderful resource for parents and educators as we journey back to school. Calm is possible; let this podcast show you how!

Duration: 43 minutes

August 17, 2023

The Mother Means Business

Host: Laura Sinclair
In this episode, we let you in on the best strategies for balancing it all. We discuss overcoming fear, starting a business with multiple children, and managing “whirlwind” moments. 

Duration: 32 minutes

July 18, 2023

Unimaginable Wellness

Host: Melissa Llarena
Ever wonder how a mom of four can juggle being a successful entrepreneur, author and still maintain her calm? Jenna spills her secrets and takes us through her journey of becoming an entrepreneur, managing her energy and time, and how she inspires others to chase their dreams while keeping the balance of life intact. She even shares a real-life example of maintaining calm amidst the chaos of a messy situation with her teenager.

Duration: 43 minutes

July 17, 2023

Power in Persistence

Host: Jessie Blois
Jenna delves into the profound truth that life’s greatest achievements don’t come easily. She shares valuable insights on how personal development can be a powerful tool in finding calm amidst chaos.

Join us in this episode as Jenna imparts invaluable lessons on personal growth, resilience, and the transformative power of finding calm within the chaos. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to embark on your own journey toward a more serene and fulfilling life.

Duration: 48 minutes

July 4, 2023

Call Me CEO Podcast

Host: Camille Walker

Jenna shares her journey from getting married to navigating motherhood and becoming an entrepreneur. She talks about how she handled the transitions and how she was able to establish systems to bring organization into her own home and how she was able to help others through her five pillars.

Duration: 40 minutes

July 1, 2023

Where Parents Talk

Host: Lianne Castelino

This week on Where Parents Talk radio on 105.9 The Region, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Jenna Hermans, entrepreneur, author and mother of four about tips and strategies for parents to move from chaos to calm.

Duration: 28 minutes

June 28, 2023

Minimalist Moms

Host: Diane Boden​
“Life will always be chaotic, but you can own your calm within the chaos.” Finding calm in chaos is a skill set we have to learn. Constant chaos in our lives leads to stress/overwhelm and, typically, everyone around us suffers too. I’m so excited about today’s interview with Jenna Hermans, the author of Chaos to Calm: Five Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free from Overwhelm. She’s an expert on helping parents move away from chaos and into calmness so that we can all create intentional lives that allow each member of the family to thrive. In this conversation, we talk about the “Five Pillars of Calm”, the importance of communication, how Jenna has calmed her chaos and more.

Duration: 33 minutes

June 14, 2023

Sharing The Mddl

Host: Lacey Tomlinson

During our conversation, Jenna talked about the importance of being in tune with your own energy levels and using that knowledge to make decisions about the people and activities in your life. She suggested rating your energy levels on a scale of 0 to 5 before and after spending time with certain people or doing certain things, and using that information to make choices that benefit your overall well-being.

We also discussed the concept of courage and how it doesn’t always have to involve big, bold actions. Jenna reminded us that making small, intentional choices that align with our values and goals can also be courageous.

Duration: 28 minutes

June 12, 2023

Power in Persistence

Host: Jessie Blois
In this episode, Jenna will share her personal journey of becoming a wife and a mother to four children and moving to a new city without a built-in community. She will also discuss how she made the choice to leave her career in HR and join forces with her husband to co-found and manage the operations, finance, and HR for their agency, Be Courageous (
Jenna’s work is more than just a career; it’s a manifestation of her purpose – to illuminate possibility. Every aspect of what she does brings her joy and fulfillment. Join us as we delve into Jenna’s inspiring story and gain valuable insights into creating a life of calm and purpose within the chaos.

Duration: 54 minutes

May 29, 2023

Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

Host: Gillian Behnke
In today’s episode I am chatting with Jenna Hermans, author of Chaos to Calm. Jenna has a background in psychology and human resources, with years of experience in building high functioning teams at work. She has taken this experience into establishing teamwork, efficiency, and effective communication in her home and developed a five pillar framework to help others do the same. Jenna takes us through these five ways to find calm in the chaos of motherhood and break free from overwhelm, and explains how you can introduce them into your life through simple steps. It’s about making a few small changes to create the space and energy you need, to leave your overwhelmed life behind and confidently take care of your family and yourself.

Duration: 37 minutes

May 18, 2023

Transforming The Toddler Years

Host: Cara Tyrrell, M.Ed
In this episode, Cara welcomes Jenna Hermans, a mom of four who shares her chaos story of moving homes, adding another child to the family, starting a business with her husband, and living through a massive mental breakdown, then flipping the script on her life and her parenting style. She shares her 5-Pillar Strategy to calm to chaos of a busy household and parent with intentionality so you can show up as your best self even during the most challenging moments. Jenna is also the master of motherhood analogies so be ready to walk away with little wisdom filled visuals!

Duration: 36 minutes

May 17, 2023

The New Mamas Podcast

Host: Lina Forrestal
In this episode, Jenna Hermans comes on the podcast to share with Lina and her listeners how a huge breakdown after her 4th child helped start a journey within herself in figuring out who she was again. This journey led her to discover that there are 5 steps in dialing down the chaos of normal life. Jenna and Lina break down each of these and share tips from their different perspectives on how to make daily life more manageable for new parents.

Duration: 48 minutes

May 17, 2023

Change your mind. Write your book. Scale your business

Host: Danielle Mendoza

We chat about Jenna’s decision to write a book, her early questions, and the missing element she identified after meeting with Danielle.

Duration: 11 minutes

Duration: 12 minutes

May 16, 2023

Joy Class

Host: Caroline Zwickson

In this conversation, we talk about the connection between joy and calm, the challenges of parenting, the effects of isolation on our mental health, what it takes for us to change our lives, how you can start your journey from chaos to calm, and more.

Duration: 33 minutes

May 16, 2023

The Single Parent Reset Show

Host: Tess Connolly LCSW

Learn 5 Ways to Go from Chaos to Calm at Home

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Jenna Hermans, Co-founder of ‘Be Courageous’ and author of Chaos to Calm: 5 ways busy parents can break free from overwhelm. 

Duration: 45 minutes

May 11, 2023

Love Your Mom Life

Host: Nikki Oden

Jenna Hermans stops by the show to chat with Nikki about all things de-stressing and to share how we mamas can take our lives from chaos to calm.  A busy mom of four, entrepreneur, HR boss lady, coach, and author, Jenna used to be perpetually overwhelmed by work and life, but made a commitment to herself a long time ago to show up as her most grounded self. Her purpose in life is to help other people ‘keep their sh*t together’ and achieve their most audacious goals by finding their calm.

Duration: 33 minutes

May 8, 2023

How To Be A Dangerous Woman

Host: Dr. Krystal Conner

We dive into how Jenna defines chaos, tools she used to come out of chaos. We talk about communication and active listening. We learn about how Jenna time blocks her calendar based on energy flows and puts in transitional buffers to own her time. She shares about the “your turn” elements in her book. Jenna wants readers to know that they can achieve any goal, big or small, and to be the role model they wish they would have had.

Duration: 26 minutes

May 2, 2023

Well2You Podcast

Host: Sue McCarroll, Caitlin Hatzenbuhler

Tune in as we chat with Jenna Hermans all about creating calm within chaos and overwhelm. In this episode, Jenna shares her why for writing her book, Chaos to Calm: Five Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free From Overwhelm.

Duration: 40 minutes

June 5, 2022

Joy is Now

Host: Lisa Anderson Shaffer

Jenna shares her most valuable life lessons as a step-mom including building your own path, the importance of how to show up, and learning to listen.

Duration: 47 minutes

May 22, 2022

Joy is Now

Host: Lisa Anderson Shaffer

We talk CALM. And how moments of calm foster productivity, facilitate creativity and just generally helps us be our best selves. 

Duration: 44 minutes