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May 29, 2023

Mom Camp: Around the Campfire

Host: Gillian Behnke
In today’s episode I am chatting with Jenna Hermans, author of Chaos to Calm. Jenna has a background in psychology and human resources, with years of experience in building high functioning teams at work. She has taken this experience into establishing teamwork, efficiency, and effective communication in her home and developed a five pillar framework to help others do the same. Jenna takes us through these five ways to find calm in the chaos of motherhood and break free from overwhelm, and explains how you can introduce them into your life through simple steps. It’s about making a few small changes to create the space and energy you need, to leave your overwhelmed life behind and confidently take care of your family and yourself.

Duration: 37 minutes

May 18, 2023

Transforming The Toddler Years

Host: Cara Tyrrell, M.Ed
In this episode, Cara welcomes Jenna Hermans, a mom of four who shares her chaos story of moving homes, adding another child to the family, starting a business with her husband, and living through a massive mental breakdown, then flipping the script on her life and her parenting style. She shares her 5-Pillar Strategy to calm to chaos of a busy household and parent with intentionality so you can show up as your best self even during the most challenging moments. Jenna is also the master of motherhood analogies so be ready to walk away with little wisdom filled visuals!

Duration: 36 minutes

May 17, 2023

The New Mamas Podcast

Host: Lina Forrestal
In this episode, Jenna Hermans comes on the podcast to share with Lina and her listeners how a huge breakdown after her 4th child helped start a journey within herself in figuring out who she was again. This journey led her to discover that there are 5 steps in dialing down the chaos of normal life. Jenna and Lina break down each of these and share tips from their different perspectives on how to make daily life more manageable for new parents.

Duration: 48 minutes

May 17, 2023

Change your mind. Write your book. Scale your business

Host: Danielle Mendoza

We chat about Jenna’s decision to write a book, her early questions, and the missing element she identified after meeting with Danielle.

Duration: 11 minutes

Duration: 12 minutes

May 16, 2023

Joy Class

Host: Caroline Zwickson

In this conversation, we talk about the connection between joy and calm, the challenges of parenting, the effects of isolation on our mental health, what it takes for us to change our lives, how you can start your journey from chaos to calm, and more.

Duration: 33 minutes

May 16, 2023

The Single Parent Reset Show

Host: Tess Connolly LCSW

Learn 5 Ways to Go from Chaos to Calm at Home

Tess Connolly LCSW talks with Jenna Hermans, Co-founder of ‘Be Courageous’ and author of Chaos to Calm: 5 ways busy parents can break free from overwhelm. 

Duration: 45 minutes

May 11, 2023

Love Your Mom Life

Host: Nikki Oden

Jenna Hermans stops by the show to chat with Nikki about all things de-stressing and to share how we mamas can take our lives from chaos to calm.  A busy mom of four, entrepreneur, HR boss lady, coach, and author, Jenna used to be perpetually overwhelmed by work and life, but made a commitment to herself a long time ago to show up as her most grounded self. Her purpose in life is to help other people ‘keep their sh*t together’ and achieve their most audacious goals by finding their calm.

Duration: 33 minutes

May 8, 2023

How to be a Dangerous Woman

Host: Dr. Krystal Conner

We dive into how Jenna defines chaos. She shares her own story of having panic attacks and losing her structured routine. We talk about tools she used to come out of this. We talk about communication and active listening. We learn about how Jenna time blocks her calendar based on energy flows and puts in transitional buffers to own her time. She shares about the “your turn” elements in her book. Jenna wants readers to know that they can achieve any goal, big or small, and to be the role model they wish they would have had.

Duration: 26 minutes

May 2, 2023


Host: Caitlin Hatzenbuhler and Sue McCarroll

Tune in as we chat with Jenna Hermans all about creating calm within chaos and overwhelm. And guess what? Her book, Chaos to Calm Five Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free from Overwhelm, comes out today! So if you love this episode, hop online to order it, HERE!

Duration: 40 minutes

May 22, 2022

Joy is Now

Host: Lisa Anderson Shaffer

We talk CALM. And how moments of CALM foster productivity, facilitate creativity and just generally help us be our best selves.

Duration: 44 minutes

June 5, 2022

Joy is Now

Host: Lisa Anderson Shaffer

I share my most valuable life lessons as a step-mom including building your own path, the importance of how you show up, and learning to listen.

Duration: 47 minutes