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Time-Saving Tricks From a Busy Working Mom of Four

Time-saving tricks to go from “I just can’t do it all” to “I’m doing the right things and have time for me.”

Going from “I just can’t do it all” to “I’m doing the right things, and I have time for me.”

“I just can’t do it all!” 

“I can’t be in a million places at once.”

“I haven’t showered in a week; I don’t have time.”

“Fun? What’s that? I am doing chores and work all week and never getting ahead.”

Streamlining the millions of to-dos on your list opens up time for your needs and what fills your cup. That’s why “Efficiency” is the first chapter in my book, “Chaos to Calm.

Protecting your most valuable asset: Time

We put locks on our possessions, homes, and cars to protect them. So why aren’t we as protective about our most valuable asset, our time?

A foundational skill I’ve found in having more calm in my life is to become a ninja at time management.

You’re probably great with time management in various life areas, like hitting work deadlines. But when you have kids, suddenly, everything is a priority. And the needs of your boss, partner, kids, and yourself all collide.

Chaos to Calm time hacks

Below is a free excerpt from my book that shares tactical, doable ways to regain control of your time and life.

In it, I go over how to use your calendar as your assistant to plan your time and answer all your time-related questions. Not to mention helping you better communicate to your family what’s happening and helping you avoid the age-old, “When is that event happening again? I told you about this weeks ago” question/argument.

In the excerpt, I’ll help you anchor your day for more peace, with more proactivity on who and what gets your time. You’ll experience less stressful reactions to last-minute requests, making it easier for you to say, “Sorry, I wish I could, maybe next time,” when requests get to be more than the time you have.

Bring on the Buffer

In the excerpt, I review the importance of buffering time with every transition. It takes emotional and mental energy to switch gears from a work call to fielding homework questions or going from running a school committee meeting to shopping for groceries for the week.

A huge key to calm is building time between every calendar item to regroup and breathe. And even if my buffer gets eaten up by a long work meeting or a conversation that took longer than I expected, I’m not stressed out getting to the next event because my buffer has my back!

Free excerpt on efficiency from Chaos to Calm

I’m excited to offer a free excerpt from Chaos to Calm: Five Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free From Overwhelm. 

In this excerpt, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use your calendar as a personal assistant
  • Anchor your day
  • Communicate to protect your time

Download it here

Plus, I created a free weekly planner to add to your time-managing toolkit.

To read more on parenting with the five pillars of calm, pick up my book, Chaos to Calm: 5 Ways Busy Parents Can Break Free From Overwhelm, and sign up for my Own Your Calm newsletter!

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