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3 Small Steps to Making a Big Change

Yes, you can make big changes in your life, one step at a time. Here’s how to make it easy.

Yes, you can make big changes in your life, one step at a time. Here’s how to make it easy.

An aspiring runner doesn’t make big changes by jumping up off the couch to running a marathon in a day. First you run a block, then two, then a mile, and work your way up to the full distance. 

So why do we put such pressure on ourselves to overhaul our lives and think that we can make drastic changes overnight? It’s truly not necessary and less likely to stick in the long run. The way to achieve great things, is bit by bit. 

Here’s how to use small steps to make big changes that stick:


1. Make it small. I’m talking tiny, so you aren’t able to say, “I can’t do it.” 

Examples: Do one push-up. Drink one cup of water. Eat one carrot. Read one page. Replace one eco-problematic item in your house with an eco-friendly one. 

2. Increase your new habit in small, doable increments

Examples: Do five push-ups. Drink two cups of water. Eat two carrots. Read three pages. Replace a second item in your house with a more environmentally sustainable item.

3. If you mess up or slip, don’t let it deter you! We all veer off course. Get back on track quickly! Did you forget to eat the carrot or drink the water? Do it now. Didn’t read a page last night? Do it tonight. 

Don’t let NOT doing it become a habit. You are your biggest and best advocate. And your team is on your side to see you succeed. You’ve got this! 

Now, set up a back-up plan to ensure your new habit sticks. 

Need some help setting new habits and sticking with them? I’m here to help you discover what you want to change, how to change it, and how to make the change last. 

Reach out, I’m here for you.

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