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Use These Five “Love Languages” to Be More Successful At Work

Here's how you can use the power of the "five languages of romantic love" to help you achieve work success as well.

Here's how the "five languages of romantic love" can help you succeed professionally as well

Each of us feels love and appreciation in different ways. Maybe you’ve heard of the five “love languages” of romantic love, developed by Dr. Gary Chapman.

These same languages not only make romance more fulfilling, they make it easier to communicate and connect with anyone! 

Here’s how each language can be used to create more success for you at work. 

Words of Affirmation: 

Giving someone words of encouragement and appreciation 

How to use it at work: Send an email or handwritten note to someone on your team (or the whole team) unexpectedly! Tell them you appreciated their input on the spreadsheet, presentation or project. 


How your body / body language can communicate appreciation. 

How to use it at work: Hey now, I’m a 15+ year human resources professional, I’m not suggesting any inappropriate physicality at work! For this love language to be used in your job, use non-verbal body language. Don’t cross your arms, high five a colleague (or clap or do a little dance!) for a great job. 


Items of appreciation given to someone you want to thank.

How to use it at work: Pay attention to what those around you like or prefer, and pick it up for them. If you know their favorite coffee (or smoothie) drink, pick one up for them next time you’re there. Ask someone you want to appreciate what they want from the lunch spot you’re going to. 

Acts of Service:

Pitching in to do a favor for someone you want to appreciate.

How to use it at work: If you have some free time and one of your colleagues is struggling on a deadline, offer to help! Or simply ask your teammate: Is there anything I can do to support you and help you? What would make life easier for you? 

Quality Time:

Time spent bonding outside of work. 

How to use it at work: Bonding outside of work brings better teamwork and trust inside of work! When you want to acknowledge and appreciate someone or your team at work, try having a lunch break together outside the office, ask them to take a mid-day walk for some coffee (hit two languages with one stone there: gift of coffee and quality time!) 

Finding out your colleagues’ love languages 

One way to get to know your team’s love languages is when someone hires in. Add questions to your new-hire on-boarding questionnaire. Ask: How do you like to be appreciated at work? !

As you go about your work, just observe those around you. You don’t need to keep spreadsheets or make your life more difficult. 

Why love languages make you more successful

Jenna Z Hermans Chaos to Calm Blog Five Love Languages Work

As you can see by my fancy chart, appreciating your colleagues creates a higher performing, more bonded team, which leads to success. Others will get wind of that success and you’ll be promoted faster. Or, if you’re a business owner, you’ll enjoy a more productive team. 

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Show some appreciation today! 

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