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Finding my Purpose – Achieving My Dreams

How I spent the last two years manifesting and creating Chaos to Calm.

How I spent the last two years manifesting and creating Chaos to Calm

Hello friends! Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and as I reflected on the achievements of historical and modern women everywhere, I felt it was time to share what I’ve been working on and achieving myself.

I’m not a huge “sharer” – for no real reason except for that I tend to be a bit more private than others.

But as I realize how hard I’ve worked to create balance in my life, and to celebrate the women who came before me to carve out the space for me to be free to do so, and to celebrate my own hard work and success so far, I think now is the time to share what I’ve been up to.

As some of you know, after becoming a mom of four and starting a business in a new city, I needed to find myself again. So I worked with my brilliant husband Kyle in our Be Courageous “Finding Your Purpose” program to figure out, besides being a mom and daughter and wife and friend, what I am put on this earth to do? The epiphany I had was this: 

I’m here to empower others to live their most fulfilling life. 

I am here to illuminate possibility. 

Simultaneously, I had so. many. people (moms especially) asking me, “How do you do it all – with way more responsibility than the average person – and stay so calm?” 

At first I didn’t have an answer – I said I’d come back to them upon meditation and reflection. Then I’d get  the question again, and I’d answer with one or two tools I used. That’s when moms said, “You need to write a book – I would buy that. I need help, I’m drowning.”

So, I put action to my inspiration. I started writing and creating voice notes like crazy – while hiking or in a bath or folding laundry. I’d write before the kids got up, or after they went to bed.

After a year, I had tons of content, but every time I sat down to edit and structure it, I got a knot in my stomach. Kind of like writer’s block but I wasn’t officially a writer. By then, I’d become a master of efficiency and energy, and I realized the book would be done better and more effectively if I hired a writer to help me. 

My co-writer and I worked together for a year, while dealing with all the challenges of quarantining during COVID, and by Dec 1st, 2020 (my birthday!) I finished the first draft manuscript! I’m calling it “Chaos to Calm,”  because life will always have chaos, but I have the tools that can help you find your calm – and joy – within it.

A few weeks ago, we pitched our book proposal to a literary agent in New York, as well as launched my efficiency coaching website And guess what, you guys! The agent was just as excited as we were, and I got signed! *Happy dance!

I have big plans and dreams for Chaos to Calm. I want to create the most helpful book and coaching practice, the most supportive community on the web, and help people make meaningful change in their lives.

Join me, my friends. Follow my Chaos to Calm page on Facebook, my Instagram, and LinkedIn and on my website, and I’ll keep you posted on all things Chaos to Calm!

Reach out, I’m here for you.

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